Steve and Carol Ellis and Steve Meddle are a small but enthusiastic team of volunteer licensees who have been diving on the London protected wreck site for nearly ten years since a chance encounter with a maritime archaeologist on a flight to the Maldives! As regular divers in the Thames, the team quickly realised they could help contribute to the study of the site and worked with Historic England to gain a licence.

Since their involvement began they have worked with Historic England, Wessex Archaeology, Cotswold Archaeology, Pascoe Archaeology, MSDS Marine and the Nautical Archaeology Society to record the site and recover exposed material. The team were also key members of a large excavation from 2014 – 2016 which included the recovery of a large, rare gun carriage.

As licensed divers of this protected wreck, the team see at first hand the effect erosion has had on the site of the London. Every dive reveals new artefacts as the shifting silt dunes reveal previously unexposed remains to the fierce tidal currents of the Thames. You can find out more about their work here.