April 2020 – March 2023

Our strategic vision document sets out the Protected Wreck Association’s Strategic Vision and the core activities the Association plans to undertake from April 2020 to March 2023. Its purpose is to help the Association’s Committee to plan ahead and to ensure that targets and objectives are clearly formulated each year so that all members can be confident that the operational activities are implemented in order to achieve this vision

Download and read our full strategic vision statement here.

Our vision:

The Protected Wreck Association will act as a forum to facilitate open communication, discussion, collaboration and co-operation within the community of avocational and professional archaeologists who strive to survey, monitor, excavate or research inland, foreshore, intertidal and underwater cultural heritage sites around the UK coastline which are protected under cultural heritage legislation or its equivalents in the devolved administrations of the UK.

The Protected Wreck Association will work to become a strong voice for its members, will represent them, promote and facilitate their work. The Protected Wreck Association will work to:

  • Raise awareness of protected sites, the legislation they are protected under, the threats they face and the work being undertaken on them.
  • Help attract new members into the maritime archaeological community and the Association
  • Encourage participation in the activities of the Association

The Protected Wreck Association and its members will advocate adherence to current guidance in marine archaeology. This guidance includes, but is not limited to, the Rules of the Annex to the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001, which the United Kingdom Government has adopted as its policy on marine archaeology, the UK Marine Policy Statement and such guidance as is published from time to time by Historic England, the devolved administrations and the Ministry of Defence. The Association will also require from its members adherence to relevant legislation within the UK Marine Area, as defined by the Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009.