The Protected Wreck Association act as a forum to facilitate open communication, discussion, collaboration and co-operation within the community of avocational and professional archaeologists who strive to survey, monitor, excavate or research inland, foreshore, intertidal and underwater cultural heritage sites around the UK coastline which are protected under cultural heritage legislation or its equivalents in the devolved administrations of the UK.

The Protected Wreck Association:

  • Raise awareness of protected sites, the legislation they are protected under, the threats they face and the work being undertaken on them.
  • Help attract new members into the maritime archaeological community and the Association
  • Encourage participation in the activities of the Association

Joining the Protected Wreck Association is free and easy. You can sign up here.

You will be invited to an annual meeting and receive regular email updates with news from the Association and its members, as well as being invited to discuss matters with fellow members.