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About Us

The Association of Protected Wreck Licensees (APWL) is a forum to facilitate open communication, discussion, collaboration and cooperation within the community of avocational and professional archaeologists who work on historic wreck sites around the UK coastline that are designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 (PoWA).

The APWL was (re) established at an informal meeting of Site Licensees in Plymouth in February 2013. An initial steering group/committee was nominated and elected comprising:

Establishment of the Association has been welcomed by English Heritage who administer the PoWA for designated sites in English waters.

The formation of the Licensees’ Association is an opportunity for all Licensees and their team members to share ideas and opinions and raise issues, which can be formally expressed through the Committee. We therefore welcome any discussion and can be contacted via the Contact page.

Safeguarding the Nation’s Protected Wrecks

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